In this section we are going to try make your trip to EYYC easier.

Before the trip:

Visa – Czech republic is in the Schengen territory so there’s no need for any kind of visa or travel document. However if you’re planning to visit from a 3rd country you should check these two sites: Required to have a Visa | Exempt from Visa.

If you have any sort of trouble getting the Visa, please contact us. We might be able to help.

Currency: Czech republic does NOT use Euro. The official currency is Czech Koruna (1USD ≈ 19czk, 1Euro ≈ 25czk). We recommend exchanging your money before the trip although there are number of exchange offices around the venue / hostel. We don not recommend exchanging the money on the airport.

Credit / Debet cards: most of the convenient stores and restaurants accept Visa, Master Card, Maestro and similar cards. American Express is very rare and we do not recommend relying on it. However many bars, taxis and other places do not accept any sort of cards. We strongly recommend having some cash.

Getting to Prague:

Your safest bet is to fly to Prague International Airport (PRG) – look for your ticket on sites like or for the best price.

If you’re going to visit from continental Europe you might consider taking a bus or a train. Both ways have the final destination Prague and the stations are not far from the hostel / venue.

If you are going to arrive by car please keep in mind that most Czech motorways require a special sticker which allows you to use them. More information can be found here. These two sites might help you plan your trip: Google | ViaMichelin.

From the Airport / Station to the Hostel / Venue:

Airport: there’s a shuttle bus 119 or AE from the Airport to the nearest Underground / Tube station Dejvická (A / green line). Your destination is Náměstí Republiky (B / yellow line). You can also use a Taxi but negotiate the price before you step in, the cost from the Airport to the city centre shouldn’t be more than 500czk. We highly recommend ordering a taxi from one of these companies: SpeedCards or Modry Anděl.

Bus station: Most probably you are going to end up at station Florenc which is also a Underground / Tube station. Your destination is Náměstí Republiky (B / yellow line).

Train station: Most of the international lines are terminating at the main station Hlavní Nádraží (C / red line) which is also a Underground / Tube station.  Your destination is Náměstí Republiky (B / yellow line).

Parking in Prague: There are several “parking zones” in the city centre. At all costs AVOID the blue zones which are for the residents. You are safe with Orange and Green lines but you will have to pay (only during work days). You can also leave your car further from the city centre and park for free. Here’s a simple guide which might help you. Also there’s an free iPhone app mParkování which might help you.

Moving around Prague:

We highly recommend using the public transport or walking. Everything important and interesting is in the city centre and there’s really no need for a car / taxi. Keep in mind that Public transport in Prague is a paid service and you have to have a valid ticket or theres’s a possibility of a fine up to 1000czk. All the rates and information reg. the public transport can be found here. One thing to remember is the name of the station which is the closest to all the venues (Travelers Hostel and Archa theatre) – Náměstí Republiky (Day trams: 5, 8, 14, 26 Night trams: 51, 54, 56 Day bus: 207 Night busses: 505, 511 Underground / Tube: B / yellow line) – with this in mind there’s no way you can ever get lost.


Phones and Calls: There are currently three mobile operators offering their services in the Czech Republic: Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefonica O2. Their services are provided using the 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies. To make a phone call to a number in the Czech Republic, you must first dial the country code 00420, followed by the particular numbers. To make a call from the Czech Republic to another country, first dial 00, then the relevant country code, followed by the particular number.

Weather: January in Prague means SNOW. Or slightly melted snow. So if you want to rock your favourite pair of sneakers we recommend doing so only inside. The temperature varies from -10º (14 fahr) to +5º (41 fahr) with occasional snow / rain showers.


Sep 2011

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