AeroYo Machete contest

Machete team contest is a contest where the team skill is above individual. All participants are put in equal complex conditions – everybody have to use same plastic yo-yos. Team achievements are something that’s important here, not each player’s individual victory.
Team up, grab your yo-yos and join the combat! Let the best team win!
Participation conditions:
- Teams of 3 players can take part in the contest
- All participants should use Aero-Yo Machete yo-yo while on the stage
- If the participant does not have its own yo-yo, it will be given to him before entering the stage.
- The participants might test and get used to Aero-Yo Machete in the Aero-Yo Store zone before entering the stage.
Contest conditions:
- The contest consists of standard freestyles, but the results are counted not for individual player, but for the whole team.
- Two teams come up the stage
- Teams take turns playing – first player of the first team goes first, then first player of th second team, then second player of the first team etc.
- Each player’s performance lasts no more than 30 seconds.
- In case if more than 10 teams take part in the competition, the competition is divided into two rounds – first round is for all teams, second – for best three teams of the first round.
- In the second round each player’s performance lasts no more than 60 seconds and all three teams perform simultaneously on the stage.
- The judging is conducted by the professional judges and utilizes standard freestyle judgment procedures.
- Artistic/technique ratio – 100/0
How to register:
- At the Aero-Yo Store zone the registry is active during the whole period of the EYYC.
The winning team will get some really cool stuff from the AERO-YO!
Jan 2012

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