Time schedule released, sponsor section updates and deadline reminder

If you look in the section named schedule [day1] [day2] you will discover that the timeline for both days of EYYC12 has been released. Please keep in mind that time schedule is a subject to change and can be adjusted at any time – depending on number of contestants, the course of the event and other on site adjustments.

We strongly advise you to check the deadlines (the countdown can be found on the homepage right sidebar) there is only 15 days left until the registration and music submission deadline! We already have over 160 registrations but a very few music files.

And most importantly make sure you check the SPONSORS section which is being updated regularly. Without the financial and material support we could never afford to run a contest of this size so it’s them who are making this amazing event possible. So next time you buy a new yoyo, make sure it’s from one of these brands ;]

Jan 2012

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